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The DaHo Hollow Spectra Threading Needles are hollow inside, except for the point, so monofilament or fluorocarbon line can be inserted into the needle. Then, the needle with the internal mono/fluoro line, is inserted, or threaded, into the hollow center section of the spectra braid. The needle, and attached mono/fluoro line, is typically inserted inside of the spectra from 3 to 5 feet to provide the best strength of the join. Because of the slick surface of the mono/fluoro line, the end point of the spectra must be finished to secure it to the mono/fluoro line. This finishing is usually done by gluing, serving, crimping, or some combination of these attachments, to the spectra line end. This ensures the join will not slip before the compression pressure occurs to in the braid of the hollow spectra line to hold the joined lines together.

40/50 lbs diamètre 0.64mm
N06032: 50/60 lbs diamètre 0.90mm

N08038: 60/80 lbs diamètre 0.96mm
N10042: 80/100 lbs diamètre 1.06mm
N20060: 150/200 lbs diamètre 1.50mm
N50091: 400/500 lbs diamètre 2.31mm

Shipping: 1 week

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