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Pocket digital scale station!
19,99 €
Pocket hook sharpener and line cutter
14,95 €
An ensemble made from phosphorescent lead which allows you to fish with dead squids.
7,50 €
New models available in 4 colors and 3 different weight
15,75 €
New! Available in 6 colors and 3 different weights
17,90 €
Casting quality jig fishing bar.
9,99 €
Superb small scissors sharp blades with an exceptional sharpness with almost surgical grade stainless steel.
4,99 €
Box reversible fishing lures
14,90 €
The Tenya is a bait lure whose effectiveness is now recognized for the fishing of the pagrus, dentex and other sparidae.
5,60 €
The special lure Glue’s main characteristic is to be very fast.
14,99 €

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