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Argo 240-F is a stick-bait with incredible performance. Its action is able to attract the predator from deep waters thanks to...
106,00 €
Kronos 220 is a popper with incredible performance. The shape and balance makes this popper unique and allow the fisherman to...
106,00 €
LARA is a sinking stickbait going to imitate a favorite forage fish from tuna species: anchovy.
41,00 €
Pelagus 165-F is a floating stick bait specifically designed to target bluefin tuna.
56,99 €
Pelagus 165-S is a sinking stick-bait specifically designed for Bluefin Tuna fishing.
56,99 €
Pelagus 200-F is a floating stick bait designed for fishing big predators such as Bluefin Tuna and the powerful barrier reef fish.
75,99 €
Pelagus 90-S is a small stick-bait specifically designed for bluefin tuna.
38,99 €
Stylo 210 is an extremely versatile pencil-bait that mimics one of the most common prey: the needle-fish.
35,99 €

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