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In 2015, BKK developed a series of handcrafted bait hooks specifically for professional tournament carp fishing.
4,50 €
Extra heavy wire jigging hook
17,50 €
Waterproof, non-slip, wear-resistant protection
39,90 €
Hand ground points & ultra anti-rust technology
39,99 €
SF8090 is a high performance deep sea jigging assist hook have luminous fish attracting properties which are great for cloudy...
17,50 €
SF8070-HG are line of jigging hooks come pre-tied with hackle and luminous thread that enhances your jigs fish attracting ability.
9,99 €
BKK 8070-3X-NP Jigging Light Hooks
9,99 €
5x strong inline singles ideal for big saltwater lures !
11,75 €
Large Circle Hook ultra strong iron, straight and forged stainless steel. Ultra-sharp conical tip. Oversized welded straight...
10,50 €
Hooks BKK MONSTER CIRCLE mounted with a special rolling for Drifting.
14,90 €
A powerful hook, resistant and pungent for all big carnivores!
13,50 €
BKK Split rings are produced from high quality stainless steel to avoid rust.
6,50 €

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