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360-degree spinning and height adjustable rod holder, built entirely of anodized aluminum anticorodal alloy.
229,00 €
Anodized anticorodal aluminum mini rocket, two fully rotatable and height adjustable rod holders.
429,00 €
Anodized anticorodal aluminum mini rocket three-station with two lateral rod holders, fully swivel and adjustable in height.
760,00 €
Ergonomic four workstations console fully revolving and individually adjustable, complete with 2 removable side tray.
1 350,00 €
Multi-purpose nylon release tweezers with retentive rubber grips.
8,90 €
Tweezers with firm combined with sinkers of various weights.
12,50 €
Available in various weights, these weights are an absolute novelty in the field of fisheries.
12,90 €
Big game hook complete with swivel and clip for the live bait triggering.
9,80 €
Integrated baiting system consisting of an automatic spreader and a crusher placed on a single rod holder and connected to a...
690,00 €
Vending machine of baits
340,00 €
Crushing crusher very compact and very powerful.
320,00 €
GANZO is the most simple, fast and secure way to insert on the main line.
7,90 €
XXXstrong circle offset hook with wide clip and long reinforced needle.
14,95 €
High quality hook, very strong and light, ideal to arm live for the biggest Tuna and Swordfish.
12,50 €
J-shaped, offset, Xstrong, very light, with Top Game clips for live bait.
9,90 €
Conventional J-form hook with Top game clips for the live bait's triggering.
9,90 €
J-shaped, offset, Xstrong, very light, with Top Game clips for live bait.
10,20 €
Extra hard specific for large triggers.
11,99 €
Colorful Cyalume for Tuna Float model Small and Large.
12,00 €

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