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POWER ASSIST REEL : The power house for deep dropping up to 1500 feet with 120 lb braided line.
3 499,00 €
POWER ASSIST DEEP DROP / DREDGE TROLLING REELS : Marine Power MP3000 now with 24 Volts and with Daiwa’s revolutionary Magsealed...
3 999,00 €
Tanacom rig specially designed for electric reel work in deep water.
7,90 €
This electric reel is designed for deep bottom fishing or strong palangrotte fishing. It has the programmable function...
599,00 €
The high-powered Tanacom has been specially designed for electric reel fishing.
124,99 €
Very powerful rod specifically designed and adapted to fisheries with electric reel.
169,99 €
Out Of Stock
Tanacom Deep Monster rods have been designed for heavy setups with electric reels.
249,00 €
We’re proud to introduce the Tanacom Power Assist reel.
589,00 €
The whole range DEEP FISHING is mounted in NYLON, HOOKS and small accessories of Japanese manufacture, pledge of quality for...
11,90 €
To be used when fishing at great depths to attract fish.
4,99 €
Reel Tanacom TN500U + Rod Tanacom Boat + J Braid 4 braid 50lb 500m
529,00 €
Reel Tanacom TC750E + Rod Tanacom Boat + J Braid 8 braid 103lb 500m
539,99 €
Out Of Stock
Reel Tanacom TC1000E + Rod Tanacom Boat + J Braid 8 braid 103lb 500m
579,00 €
This is the ultimate 12 volt fishing reel for deep dropping, big game fishing, pulling dredges or as a downrigger.
4 995,00 €
Color schemes that will change automatically. There is no flashing speed change.
14,90 €
The ultimate kite fishing reel
1 950,00 €
The ultimate kite fishing reel
1 990,00 €
The ultimate middle-weight electric reel
2 890,00 €
The ultimate middle-weight detachable electric reel
4 065,00 €

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