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Stickbait flowing. Ideal for finding large fish.
29,00 €
Stickbait flowing. Ideal for finding large fish.
31,50 €
Stickbait flowing. Ideal for finding large fish.
34,00 €
Stickbait flowing. Ideal for finding large fish.
42,50 €
The Allure Burst is a lure with a special touch. We do not know a GT-Popper, which is so loud compared to its size.
39,90 €
Heavy duty bench crimper, 6 holes CT-6000
269,99 €
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Designed by Captain Peter Bristow of Madeira island fame, this is the ultimate big game trolling hook.
8,40 €
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Classic trolling swivels. Good for trolling.
7,50 €
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Luminous 50 mm vinyl sleeves protector to keep crimps from snagging and tangling.
2,85 €
Aluminium sleeves are used for momofilament line trace as the soft metal does minimum damage to the line, spreads and grips well.
11,00 €
Thick walled Nico-press style copper sleeves for constructing heavy duty cable and monofilament leaders for the very biggest fish.
9,99 €
Double 180° Hays hookset is ready to fish.
28,95 €
This double 180° hookset is built using one Mustad 7732SS hook on top and a 7691S hook at the bottom.
27,95 €
Out Of Stock
Fishes Duo Sticker.
3,95 €
Out Of Stock
Entierely hand made, this bucket harness is one of the best, if not the best, available on the market.
699,99 €
Out Of Stock
Manufacture made in France
189,99 €
A great product to use with natural baits...
10,90 €

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