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Developed for exotic fishing from the edge. Ideal for Gabon.
699,00 €
A great jigging rod made by Tenryu.
679,00 €
Tenryu designed this rod as a multi-purpose rod for European anglers. It enables the angler to fish long sessions with jigs and...
619,00 €
The Bull Dog Mastiff has been developed for fishing soft lures of species such as the bar, the cod or the pike.
639,00 €
Fishing lure of the bass, the cod, the denti or snapper.
619,00 €
Developed to target large tuna while being capable of propelling the lightweight lures.
759,00 €
Again, Tenryu offers a great travelling casting rod!
919,00 €
Great travelling rod from Tenryu and really good!
979,00 €
Fishing slight pull-up bar.
639,00 €
Jigging / Taï jig / Vertical
599,00 €
The Dragon is the big daddy of the plugging world, this rod is designed for punching decent lures out in big seas and strong...
679,00 €
Developed for strong jig fishing, this spinning rod is intended for sport fish, in France and abroad.
739,00 €
An ideal medium power jigging rod from Tenryu!!! great value...
680,00 €
The Tenryu Furrary Popping is an explosive rod, created to "launch" the biggest poppers available on the market.
919,00 €
This is the perfect rod to search the popper records. Attention, excellent physical condition required to derive maximum.
959,00 €
The Furrary Quatro 80 lb is a long and powerful rod developed for anglers who need to throw their poppers and other hard lures...
999,00 €
Great Tenryu rod for rooster fish, hippo trevally and tunas.
859,00 €
A powerfull rod that can cast a light lure very, very far...
899,00 €
Here is the Exotic spinning rod that everyone was waiting for!!!
999,00 €
The Tenryu Furrary Travel 130 lb is able to accept lines up to 150 lbs.
999,00 €
Travelers will appreciate the small transport length of this 4 strands.
999,00 €

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