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Cut for high speed trolling, the 3D MAGNUM is designed to search for all the fast fish present on our coasts or in exotic...
23,99 €
The 3D Squirt is the most realistic squid imitation on the market.
24,90 €
Squid lure dipping special Bass and Pelamides.
23,90 €
The Diving Slider has a slow sinking horizontal presentation on the fall, which mirrors a dying baitfish.
32,95 €
Fluorocarbon 100% Invisible - Special Bottom Line
14,90 €
The brand new High Speed Vibe is a realistic lure manufactured to match baitfish found up and down the Atlantic and Pacific...
24,90 €
The Original high speed big game trolling lure.
49,99 €
The Original high speed big game trolling lure.
54,99 €
Yo Zuri Sashimi Bull- 2 1/2oz 6" long version of the famous Yo Zuri Surface Bull GT with added Sound System Rattles and amazing...
31,50 €
A urethane construction and enhanced reinforcement through the lure through and makes it very sturdy.
54,95 €
The floating Sashimi Slider is a top water "walk the dog" bait.
32,95 €
High-end braid in 8 strands
54,90 €

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