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The ANSWER is a new generation of lures for vertical fishing, these lures are a misfortune since nearly two years in Japan.
19,50 €
Powerful BB swivel + split ring + press ring set of
9,90 €
Wide variety of assist hooks can be stored compactly and functionally
39,99 €
Out Of Stock
Shout Assist case double, a wide variety of assist hooks can be stored compactly and functionally.
59,99 €
Out Of Stock
A wide variety of assist hook and cases that can be stored in compact the necessary bits and bobs on the ship.
39,99 €
Out Of Stock
In jigging, the main reason to decrease the chance of hook up was due to tangling or holding of the assist hook with the jig.
6,15 €
This is the self-made PE line for the assist hook.
8,25 €
PR knotting machine to bring out maximum potential from your line system.
185,00 €
Out Of Stock
Set of powerful BB swivel + split ring
9,90 €
This ring is a combination fo the strength-boasted press ring and the forged powerful ring.
5,99 €
The Shout Cradle has been designed as a wide slow fall jig.
19,99 €
Heavy wire type.
24,99 €
This is the assist hook for adjacent sea with ‘DOUBLE BARB HOOK’.
9,99 €
Shout Jig Flash Shining Slow Fall
22,99 €
Shout fishing gloves
69,99 €
Perfect math for poppers, stickbaits and jigs. 
7,90 €
Outstanding usability. The tackle bag that has mastered the knowledge of jigging!
125,00 €
KUDAKO’ was developed to hook and capture big Japanese amberjack, amberjack and kingfish.
7,99 €
The long power swivel is used for Metal assist.
9,50 €
This is the power assist hook equipped with ‘KUDAKO HOOK’.
12,99 €

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