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Actual Photo of Captain Bart's Triple Grander which broke the line in Kona, Hawaii.
25,99 €
A sure thing offshore- a real no-brainer" say’s Capt. Bart Miller in reference to this lure, one of his all time favorites.
59,95 €
Another one of my offshore sure thing no brainier.
59,95 €
Out Of Stock
Cupped nose, large jets, all weather rigger favorite, the A.P. has won tournaments worldwide.
69,95 €
The largest size of our heavy metals at 24 oz the Ascension Pro Metal is the beast.
69,95 €
The most amazing mini Black Bart lure!!!
27,00 €
Here it is, you asked for it now it is part of my lure weaponry system, a sized down Breakfast, one that compliments a full...
89,99 €
Know that you are holding a winning hand, fish them with an Attitude!
539,99 €
Go ahead fish my 20 lb. class SIC Rod Weaponry for feisty Sailfish, White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, Blues, even big...
649,99 €
My rods are created to fish the future now, ready to merge with modern reels, modern line, and finally modern techniques.
799,99 €
Custom is as custom does my 30 lb. class SIC rods are exactly designed to that measure.
669,99 €
Pro and amateur alike need only be discerning when selecting my Blue Water Pro Series IGFA chair rods.
1 575,00 €
The 10 to 30 lb spinning rods are typical of all Black Bart products made for the descerning fisherman.
549,00 €
My Stroker Rods have evolved over a considerable length of time. Today they are work horses with serious backbone capable of...
999,99 €
A great little Black Bart Lure!!!
27,00 €
No one would ever dreamed of a jet like this one, it is the Mega Brother to the Pro Jet Line -- Heavy line -- Heavy leader --...
109,99 €
Your a pro, you’re a novice, your just someone who wants a good shot at catching a decent marlin, blue or black. Then your best...
109,99 €
One of Bart's favorite creations, and yet another giant added to the range.
109,99 €
BULLY … is a Alfa dominant lure, push, shove, dive, swim, supple undulation, add rough water, calm water, no matter.
27,00 €
Cabo Prowler, now here’s a thoroughbred you can trust!
44,95 €

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