Tuna Float Light Top Game - Medium - COMBI

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The Tuna Float, combined with the quick release system "Snap TG release ", is the most innovative, simple and fast solution in the drifting fishing's detectors on the market.

The bright colors allow an easy identification of the different lines in the water, moreover the exact in line positioning of the floats, guaranteed by their shapes and geometries, gives an excellent aesthetic sense to all the fishing action. For the night drifting is present a housing at the center of the float for the insertion of a phosphorescent cyalume.

The structure of the Tuna Float, with its 70 grams of weight, offers excellent stability during the fishing action while keeping the bait in the wake even with the presence of wind. After the bite, the float, sliding on the wire thanks to the appropriate hook, it becomes a very useful signal yarn guide visually supporting the angler in the directions taken by fish during his escapes, especially in poor visibility conditions, typical of the fighting on large boats.

The Tuna Float and Snap Release TG system guarantees an extraordinary quicknessand an outstanding performance both in fishing action and in the preparation of the same, which is crucial in competitions such as the recreational fishing and it is simple, clean and environmentally friendly.

Size : 150mm * 75mm


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