Pelagic Sunshield

The PELAGIC SUNSHIELD was specifically developed to be lightweight and breathable, while providing an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful and damaging ultra violet rays (SPF 50).

19,99 €

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Electric Bluefin Blue
Fish Camo Blue
Fish Camo Grey
Fish Finder Black
Fish Finder Blue
Pixel Camo Grey
Psycho Dorado Blue
Psycho Dorado Green
Scales Yellow
Skull Bite Black
Tuna Republic
Coral Camo Green
Slate Reefer
Tropic Aqua
Digital Camo Blue
Dorado Green
Dorado Blue
Dorado Hex Green



Wear it to protect your face, head, neck, and ears from direct exposure to the sun. Designed with the option of blue, grey, green, or pink FISH CAMO print, these sunshields feature marlin, tuna, and other favored gamefish embedded in the Camouflage design. Take a closer look – can you spot the fish?

Colors : Blue, Grey, Green, Pink, Yellow
Measurements : 11” wide by 16” long



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