Offshore Stick Lim Pack70 Spinning

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Here is a series of travel rods that can easily fit into our suitcases, that is 70cm max.

OLPS 70 ML up to 35 G
Action Moderate which makes it an excellent launcher very suitable for handling surface lures for example. A good rod to take everywhere to indulge on medium-sized predators.

OLPS 76 H up to 130 G
Action Regular Fast. Very good launcher, ideal for Cuba, Costa Rica, Guinea Bissau, certain areas of Madagascar, etc… With its 8 kg brake, it is suitable for a large number of Exo fish.
Technique/Fish Cubera, Yellow Tuna, Silkworm, Carangue 25kg

OLPS 76 XH up to 250 G
Une action progressive mais qui affiche 13 kg de frein de résistance. Pour toutes les destinations à gros poissons ou qui nécessitent d’animer un popper de 150 g
Technique/Poisson GT, Thon rouge au popper ou stickbait

OLPS 70 LH up to 75 G
Progressive action. It can launch a 75 g Buster Jerk and fight a beautiful pike. Its power reserve will also be suitable for Exo peaches on mangroves, inside lagoons, on tarpon, fish rooster and in the Mediterranean on pellamides.
Technique/Fish Snapper, Blue Carangue, Pellamide

OLPS 86 SH up to 180 G
80 lbs super heavy action for stickbaits and medium popper (120g). Very versatile, not very tiring, it can withstand 10kg of brake and fight against a beautiful 25 kg GT or a red carp.
Technique/Fish Tuna, Sériole, Stickbait Carangue

RéférenceLength cmHandle length cm SectionsPuissance PEPower gDrag power Weight g
OLPS70ML 213 46 4 2 35 3kg(45°) 190
OLPS70LH 213 52 4 6 75 6kg(45°) 257
OLPS76H 229 66 4 5 130 8kg(45°) 340
OLPS86SH 259 70 4 8 180 10kg(45°) 380
OLPS76XH 229 76 4 10 250 13kg(45°) 418

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