Passionate about fishes, the sea and fishing, Christophe Lastavel realizes handcrafted sculptures and hyperrealist casts.

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These favorite subjects are the fishes of the seas and fresh water on the planet, but also marine mammals he admires.

He has conducted hundreds of fishes which it then prints mold epoxy resin. From the original subject or pictures he painted in identical detail. It is difficult to recognize the true from his reproduction.

This multi-talented artist is, above all, a wildlife artist who is able to reproduce the most intricate patterns that adorn most fishes species. His works are an opportunity to capture a past moment of happiness at the water's edge and recreate an atmosphere at home related to your passion.

Dimension : 19 x 25 cm

Each frame is manufactured and hand painted to order only. Outstanding quality!

Made in France ! (manufacturing to order - time 15 days)


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