Offshore Stick Lim Pack70 Jigging

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Here is a series Jigging of travel rods that can easily fit into our suitcases, that is 70cm max.

OLPS 55 ML JIG up to 160 G
A good little rod for small jigs type Metal Forcast 85 g, also for slow jig. Soft action for small marine predators..
Technique/Fish Jig/Inchiku/Mada

OLPS 55 H JIGS up to 280 G
A very pleasant progressive action that will suit a large majority of Exo fishermen. Series, jacks, groupers, will succumb to its 10 kg of brake
Technique/Fish Jig/Inchiku/Mada

OLPS 55 XH JIGS up to 400 G
Also progressive but for stronger peaches requiring big jigs. Good cane for Madagascar for example.
Technique/Poisson Jig/Inchiku/Mada


RéférenceLength cmHandle length cm SectionsPuissance PEPower gDrag power Weight g
OLPS55ML 168 64 3 max 3 ~160g 4kg(45°) 192
OLPS55H 168 68 3 max 6 ~280g 10kg(45°) 252
OLPS55XH 168 73 3 max 8 ~400g 12kg(45°) 330

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