Mold Craft Little Super Chugger

Chugger-style lures are known for their versatility in a variety of sea conditions and Mold Craft's 'Chugger' range is arguably the best of the lot.

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Blue / White
Blue / Pink
Black / Yellow
Black / Green
Green / Yellow


A Pink/White Senior Super Chugger (#22) combined with a Senior Bird (#22) produced "THE ALL TACKLE ATLANTIC BLUE MARLIN I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD 1,402 LB" caught by Paulo Roberto Amorin off Brazil on February 29, 1992. This record has not been broken.

The Super Chugger Lure has a deeply concave head and a longer, heavier, reverse tapered body than the original Tsunami Chugger.
These refinements make the lure run well in both calm and rough water conditions.
This lure can be trolled between 6 and 14 knots.

Length : 5"
Diameter : 3/4"


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