Halco Roosta Popper 135

The Roosta is designed to be used as a straight retrieve popper and a blooper.

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When retrieved, the action can be changed by the level of the rod tip. Keeping the tip close to the water creates a massive bubble stream as the lure tracks through the water with a slight wiggling action. This can be particularly useful in rough surface conditions where the lure needs to be kept in the water to minimize cart wheeling. The low splash, high bubble retrieve can also be useful for fish that are shy of large splashes.

When casting poppers always allow a few seconds after the lures has hit the water before you commence your retrieve. This allows the lure to find its correct buoyancy and resting position in the water prior to retrieving. Commencing the retrieve the moment the lure hits the water often finds the lure not behaving correctly for the first couple of metres. Often this is the critical strike zone.

Length : 135 mm
Weight : 49 gr


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