Boeshield T.9


One Step Application: Clean, Lubricates, Protects


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38 years of experience in exotic fishing


Spray on and wipe off. Boeshield T-9® will dissolve itself and flush out any other lubricant. For best results soak thoroughly and allow 2 or more hours for complete penetration. Then wipe off all external residue.

No Dirt Pickup

After wiping, Boeshield T-9® will dry quickly, leaving no sticky film to gather dirt and mud.

Completely Waterproof

Once dry, Boeshield T-9® will not wash off in rain, puddles, and mud. Water washing will remove sand, dust, and grime, but not the lubricant.


We feel we have the best product of its type on the market. If you can find a better penetrating lubricant and protectant, let us know, and we’ll refund your purchase price.

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available for export outside of metropolitan France

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Boeshield T.9

Boeshield T.9

One Step Application: Clean, Lubricates, Protects

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