Patriot Design Platinum 78
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38 years of experience in exotic fishing


PD Brand is proud to release the GRAND ARMOR Tuna. Supreme engineering and revolutionary performance combine sublimely to re-invent the casting game.

Other rods available are basically just strong sticks in comparison to the GRAND ARMOR Tuna.
It has been specifically conceived to be supreme. The blank is crafted of twin Aramid accumulated graphite.
This makes the GRAND ARMOR Tuna incredibly strong. But it’s not just a strong hunting rod. Japanese master craftsmanship, fantastic balance setting, smooth taper design and brilliant guide setting combine in perfect harmony to produce the ultimate in casting rods available in the world to date.

The GRAND ARMOR Tuna gives incredible lure control, (you can feel the snap!). Beautifully designed to allow for comfortable bending but with the bat section constructed of Aramid fiber, unbelievable torque is at your disposal. Such is the action and harmony of the GRAND ARMOR Tuna that you can feel the bending action of the graphite through the Aramid fiber of the bat section.

PD Brands desire is to use our creative passion and skill and our incredible materials to create a power play shaft that belongs in the future! Nothing like the GRAND ARMOR Tuna exists anywhere in the world today. No one else has, can or will produce anything on the level of this “cyber” shaft!

When playing the shooting game, low rider guides manufactured with Titanium are a wonderful match for the GRAND ARMOR Tuna. Extremely long casting, superb balance and no tangling of the line provide an advantageous and stress free hunting excursion. This PD Brand promises to you.

When in the field armed with the GRAND ARMOR Tuna you will feel euphoric as you realize just how good it is. The power, the advantage, the success, you will achieve the next level.

It is PD Brands purpose to pursue the perfect design and manufacture of the world’s finest fishing equipment for you the hunters. When you hold and use our products we want you to feel the quality, pride and dedication that make PD Brand the leaders in the world of monster hunting.

We believe we have re-invented the world of the shooting game. Please be a part of this with us!


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Patriot Design Platinum 78

Patriot Design Platinum 78


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Features of the versions
Product Version Action Guides Target Drag Line Length Casting weight Power Ratio Sections Stock Price (tax excl.)
Patriot Design Platinum 78 LCSG System Medium fast Fuji LCSG Tuna 5-10 Kg PE#4-6 2.37 m MAX 120 g A 1&half clear
733.33 €
Patriot Design Platinum 78 MNSG System Medium fast Fuji MNSG Tuna 5-10 Kg PE#4-6 2.37 m MAX 120 g A 1&half clear
733.33 €

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