Temple Reef GT 80-10 (Pathfinder)
  • Temple Reef GT 80-10 (Pathfinder)

Temple Reef GT 80-10 (Pathfinder)


The Temple Reef GT Stick series are rapidly becoming a favourite amongst GT addicts worldwide, and for good reason!

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38 years of experience in exotic fishing


The blanks are hand-made in Japan by a well known Japanese blank manufacturer using only the highest quality carbon fibre. These exceptionally light, strong and durable blanks are then exported to the USA where they’re custom built by expert rod builders by adding Fuji SIC guides, Fuji winch fittings and Eva grips with anodized alloy highlights. After weeks of testing on monster class GT’s in southern Oman three models emerged that will satisfy even the most experienced GT fisherman.

This rod has been specifically designed for GT fishing along barrier reefs. When fishing barrier reefs precision casting and distance is the most important aspect when chasing GTs in this type of terrain. GT’s will concentrate in the zone where waves are breaking onto the reef to feed on disoriented baitfish. This zone is a narrow strip that runs parallel along the reef and no more than a few meters wide and it is imperative to land the lure in this zone. The best GT fishing is always on days when there are strong currents or big swells and in these conditions boats have to stay a distance away from the reef for safety reasons. For these reasons you need a rod with the ability to consistently cast 60-80m to reach the zone and these rods are specifically designed for this purpose.

This rod has been designed with casting accuracy and distance in mind, and has a nice medium taper to minimize leverage on the angler when lifting big fish from the depths. Perfect for any barrier reef situation or where casting distance and accuracy is paramount.

Best matched with a 18000 (Shimano) or 7000 (Daiwa) reel. Pathfinder is best suited for casting long barrier reefs. This rod is optimized to cast lures long and accurately which is the most important aspect when casting along barrier reefs; lures need to land in the white water zone at the edge of the reefs where GTs prey for disoriented baitfish.

Model : GT 80-10
Rear Grip ** : 510mm
** Measured from middle of reel seat to end of rod

NB - Please note that rod weight may vary 10% depending on apoxy resin and variance in material weight.

All Models:
Piece – 2pcs Butt Joint
Guides – Fuji EMNSG 40-30-25-20-16
Tip – Fuji EMNST 16
Reel Seat – Fuji FK7 DPS 20LD Soft Touch w Long Nut
Gimbal – Fuji BRC

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Data sheet

Ex Fast
Travel size
174 cm
13 Kg 45°
8 ft
Butt length
22 cm
385 g
Casting weight
190 g
2pc Butt Join

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Temple Reef GT 80-10 (Pathfinder)

Temple Reef GT 80-10 (Pathfinder)

The Temple Reef GT Stick series are rapidly becoming a favourite amongst GT addicts worldwide, and for good reason!

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