Normic Strike Special S1 Trolling Normic

Powerful big game fishing rod, it features our S1 ANS blank, made of fiberglass, carbon and kevlar.

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Straight Heel
Curved Heel
30 lb
50 lb
80 lb

"S1" blank: fibreglass, carbon and kevlar with positive single-spine.

With the new S1 blank (ANS) this rod combines aesthetics with technology. Even the most powerful predators in the seas of the world can not compete with the power unleashed from this perfect, one of a kind blank, handmade in Italy. The action of this blank will help the angler have more fun and less hard times.

Butt : Straight or Curved

Class : 30, 50 or 80 lb

Color : Lite Grey or Yellow

6 Normic Roller


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