Payment with CM-CIC p@iement is-it safe?

Shopping on a site equiped with the CM-CIC p@iement, the entire transaction is made in the bank's own secured and encrypted site. You leave for a short period the shopping site, without seeing it, to enter you card's details, which garantee:

  • the shop will never get your card details
  • CM-CICp@iement will not know anything about your purchase as they we only get the total amount and order number given by the shop.

Which security is used by CM-CIC p@iement ?

CM-CIC p@iement use the normalized encrytion code called "SSL protocol". it is shown when you are on the payment page by :
A pictogram in the corner of your browser is shown, one of these signs must be present: logos de cadenas présents lors d'une connexion sécurisée : the lock must be closed.

  • In the address bar, your browser must be in " https://" mode instead of the usual "http://" mode.
  • When changing from an encrypted mode to a non encrypted mode, the browsers let you know about the changes.

Please check these elements before entering your confidential information, it is also a safety gage. In order to use the latest and strongest protocoles, we recommand that you use the latest browwers available.

Which information are required to use CM-CIC p@iement ?

On the CM-CIC p@iement site, they would ask you for :

  • the credit card number or private card number (15 to 16 digits)
  • the expiration date
  • the CVC (card verification code), last 3 digits on the back of the card above the signature.

With the increasing use of the 3D Secure (easily recogniable with the logos like "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode), your bank will ask you during the payment to identify yourself using your peronnal password on your bank's own page. 

What is the online card piracy ?

The risk of having your card hacked while using the CM-CIC p@iement system is minimal. 
Fraudulent use of the number of a credit card exist. It occurs, most of the time, atfer that an individual has found or stolen a card number and then use it online for shopping. 

The card's number is valid as its real owner is using it normally. The validity verification systems can not found out about a fraudulent usage. Only the 3D Secure can reduce the risk that your card will not be missued as you have to identify yourself towards your own bank.

We accept Paypal for online payment !

We do accept PayPal as payment but the commission fees will be added automatically on your order on your checkout.

We accept these majors card and payment methods: 

Paypal Visa Mastercard Amex Western Union wire

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