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Perfect cut for even more undulating swim.
4,65 €
These rings are the strongest on the market today.  
9,90 €
4X strong, these are the toughest saltwater treble hooks on the market!
2,12 €
The octopus is also very effective in cold or hot water.
3,15 €
The latest in lure technology incorporating strength, durability and fish catching ability.
18,95 €
In Japan, Gamakatsu hooks are famous for their sharpness & strength.
7,75 €
This hook is used for bottom fishing with a bait.
0,90 €
The Orion jig is a short and compact jig that can be used in any ocean...
9,30 €
A piquant unusual, re-entrant shape.
5,50 €
With internal plastic ogive version MOUNTED
5,50 €
KUDAKO’ was developed to hook and capture big Japanese amberjack, amberjack and kingfish.
7,99 €
The ultimate split ring for the harshest saltwater environments. Rated at nearly double the strength of the Hyper Wire split...
9,99 €
5x strong inline singles ideal for big saltwater lures !
11,75 €
Reinforced jig hooks, one of the best on the market!
8,99 €
RIVER2SEA metal jigs are full-featured jigs.
10,90 €
Heavy-duty stainless solid rings that are virtually "unbreakable", and they offer superior strength as connectors between lines...
8,50 €
The best lure to catch calmaris (squids) while trolling at night time.
7,50 €
Cubera is probably the noisiest popper available.
38,95 €
Very light and extremely strong, their ring is formed in the center of the hook to avoid upsetting the natural swimming jig.
9,60 €
JS 3 Jigging is a simple hook forged flat eyelet, elongated and with a significantly re-entrant point.
9,60 €

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