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The DaHo Hollow Spectra Threading Needles are hollow inside, except for the point, so monofilament or fluorocarbon line can be...
13,75 €
DaHo Loop Splicing Needles are mainly used to insert one piece of spectra line inside another.  
16,50 €
In the past, one of the first tools available to work with hollow spectra lines were latch needles that originally came from...
16,50 €
Line winder
14,95 €
Line tangle bottom rescuers
54,99 €
Create strong mono to leader connections
65,99 €
Specially designed for anglers, this glue is perfect for gluing your lines, braid and any other accessories you may use.
7,95 €
Perfect for the realization of your surfcasting lines
4,50 €
Flashing light up to 1000m
5,90 €
Flashing light up to 600m. The blinking starts as soon as it comes into contact with the water.
6,49 €
This Yoyo Cuban very practical for trolling, can store your bottom lines.
3,60 €
Several plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, fluorocarbon and Spectra are known as "low surface energy plastics".
18,95 €
Wind on needle kit
89,95 €
Color schemes that will change automatically. There is no flashing speed change.
14,90 €
This item is design to be thigten up Lines very stronger and simply use.
35,99 €
We all know the frustration of organizing our lures on a boat out at sea. It invariably leads to a tangled mess of leaders,...
4,99 €
For neat and orderly storage of traces.
3,50 €
Special Clamp Clip SASAME Fit Snap Rolling.
3,50 €
Out Of Stock
Snap clip SASAME Bura Fit snap.
6,50 €
Out Of Stock
This is the self-made PE line for the assist hook.
8,25 €

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