Weight (lead)

Weight (lead)
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Transparent tapered bombette
3,40 €
The bomblet was originally created by Italian fishing for lake trout. Since then, its use has grown and is found both on the...
5,50 €
The balancing of the paravane is automatic. No adjustment
19,50 €
Flashmer Paravane for deep troll fishing.
10,70 €
Lemer's Jardine fishing Leads are mainly used for light trolling fishing.
0,90 €
2,50 €
Out Of Stock
In the lead sea universe, we find the classic lead for trolling, and those of the new fishing techniques for surfcasting.
4,50 €
2,50 €
Out Of Stock
Phosphorescent lead without fins for deep fishing
9,90 €
Created in 1990 to combine speed and strength.
1,90 €
Very useful lead with a stainless ring
2,20 €

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