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Reference: PX4890-6

Brand: Janco

Rod Holder Janco Best Base Multipositions

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Janco is an innovative multifunctional rod holder designed by a team of sport fishing experts. It is a unique item, as a series of innovative features allow it to be used for different types of fishing at the same time. To create Janco, top quality materials were chosen which, in addition to being resistant to corrosion by sea water and atmospheric...

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Reference: PX3558

Brand: PecheXtreme

Gewiss Socle Plug 10° Angled Flush-Mounting

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10° Angled Flush-Mounting Socket-Outlet - IP44 - 2P 16A 20-25V 50-60HZ Violet - n.r. - Screw Wiring The IEC 309 BTS range of extra-low voltage plugs and sockets for industrial applications enable machinery and devices that operate on voltages of less than 50 V to be connected.  

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Reference: PX2537

Brand: Pike'N Bass

Pike'N Bass Bac de rangement à double compartiment GM fixation ventouses

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LURE BIN WITH SUCTION CUPS LARGE MODEL PIKE'N BASS This ferry is the essential accessory to equip your boat, kayak as well for the sea, as in fresh water. It will allow you to optimize the storage on your boat. The attachment is easy thanks to its suction cups or directly using screws not provided on your cockpit, console, bench. - 1st compartment:...

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Reference: PX4801-10

Brand: Revolution

Revolution rod holder

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The Revolution is a rod holder that can be tilted and turned 360°. The center body rests on a precision double joint for rotation and stability, which can be locked in the preferred position and resists the escape of even the most powerful fish. The long model is recommended for vertical fishing with an electric reel.

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Reference: PX3517-2

Brand: Rupp

Rupp Revolver Swivel Rod Holder

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Revolvers are the combination of Rupp’s top quality rod holder with a special Compression Bearing Socket that allows rods to swivel a full 360° for keeping rod tips aimed directly into the fight and placing pressure straight into the fish.

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