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AFTCO Spin Strap should be used with a shoulder harness to help maximize leverage when fighting bigger fish with spinning tackle.
15,99 €
ASWB Indian Pacific rod.
649,99 €
Out Of Stock
ASWB Indian Pacific rod.
649,99 €
Out Of Stock
Airline approved! Have no fear about traveling with your rods.
209,99 €
Morethan Branzino AGS rods still push once the limits of lightness and sensitivity. They are undoubtedly the most sensitive and...
649,00 €
Big Game 85S – Saltiga Dorado Fishing Rod – Heavy-Duty Topwater Specialist
417,00 €
Neoprene tie that allows to assemble the rods elements together.
7,10 €
This model is casting game special mode.
329,99 €
These high quality neoprene rod ties ensure the proper maintenance of canes elements for protecting carbon.
9,50 €
With their neoprene structure, these rods ties prevent the strands will collide
4,50 €
This is a serious GT weapon. 8'6" of locomotive power.
349,00 €
Constructed of stainless steel with 1 3/4" diameter.
49,95 €
Out Of Stock
Saltists are rods designed to throw-fish swimmers and cast jigs from 15 to 150 g depending on the chosen rod.
198,99 €
Out Of Stock
Perfect rod case for travelling with your rods well protected.
109,90 €
The Mediterranean has seen a boom in tuna fishing in recent years as new European regulations turn the sea into the new...
324,99 €
Out Of Stock
Contoured, blow-molded construction makes the Bazooka virtually indestructible.
179,90 €
Fantastic, innovative stand-up rods for mid-water angling in the Mediterranean.
234,99 €
Out Of Stock
By using RS structure we realized exellent casting distance of popper and wonderful lifting capability and elastic.
970,00 €
This reinforced strap wraps around the reel to secure the cane during a big game fishing party.
4,25 €
Out Of Stock

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