Asso Nylon Double Force

Specifically designed by Asso for the bottom line dedicated to big game fishing, this nylon offers exceptional tensile strength.

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Strength and flexibility !!
Although highly resistant to abrasion thanks to a surface treatment, the DOUBLE FORCE has an exceptional flexibility bringing to your lures and your baits a very natural presentation and much more attractive than with a more rigid wire. The knots will be even simpler to perform, including in the largest diameters.

Ultra discreet !
With a perfect transparency and a great finesse compared to its power, its discretion makes the difference regularly during difficult conditions, by waters
clear or on any suspicious fish.

• Shock leader
• Hyper flexible
• Trolling
• Ideal suspicious fish

The ideal leader for finding trophy fish such as tuna, swordfish, trevallies, tarpon, marlins, etc.

Length : 60 m
Ref : ASDF


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