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BKK Split rings are produced from high quality stainless steel to avoid rust.
6,50 €
Series of 6 sizes of Japanese made split rings which will fit onto all types of hard lures.
5,40 €
These rings are the strongest on the market today.  
9,90 €
These rings are the strongest on the market today.  
5,50 €
M&W split ring
5,95 €
Perfect math for poppers, stickbaits and jigs. 
7,90 €
The ultimate split ring for the harshest saltwater environments. Rated at nearly double the strength of the Hyper Wire split...
9,99 €
Varivas Split Ring.
7,95 €
The BOUZ Ring may look a little strange in design but was devoloped with three things in mind. Strength, lightness and ease of...
9,90 €
This ring is a combination fo the strength-boasted press ring and the forged powerful ring.
5,99 €
The long power swivel is used for Metal assist.
9,50 €
The forged powerful sprit ring is suitable for big fish.
5,25 €

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