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Water activated RCD Floating Aerator starts automatically when it’s in contact with water.
29,90 €
Offshore anglers want baits rigged to run to perfection and TUF-LINE wax coated Nylon Rigging Floss offers the perfect tool.
11,99 €
Quiet, powerful pump.
17,95 €
AFTCO Flat Line Clips put lines trolled from the stern of the boat into the water at a lower angle to minimize tangling and...
29,95 €
The OC-1 (except the stainless bail is not gold titanium-nitride coated), and should be attached directly to the cable above...
17,90 €
The AFTCO OR-1 Outrigger Clip helps you position a trolling lure from an out rigger by simply reeling in or let-ting out line...
59,95 €
Create strong mono to leader connections
65,99 €
SS - Stainless Steel
2,60 €
Xesta offshore jig rigs are a high quality ball bearing swivel with split ring and solid ring ideal for rigging up jigs
9,99 €
The DaHo Hollow Spectra Threading Needles are hollow inside, except for the point, so monofilament or fluorocarbon line can be...
13,75 €
During the expedition, it will protect the rod in the rod case.
99,99 €
DaHo Loop Splicing Needles are mainly used to insert one piece of spectra line inside another.  
16,50 €
In the past, one of the first tools available to work with hollow spectra lines were latch needles that originally came from...
16,50 €
YGK Reverse Latch Needle is for splicing assist cord for making assist hooks.
9,99 €
Live bait needle. very useful and important tool.
5,99 €
Needles per 3 in a tube protective
2,99 €
Airline approved! Have no fear about traveling with your rods.
209,99 €
Suitable for boats with length ranging from 5m to 15m.
32,50 €
Possibility of fixing a lead (diving belt type) and floating foam to facilitate placement in water.
32,90 €
BKK Split rings are produced from high quality stainless steel to avoid rust.
6,50 €

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