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Double solid ring in 8 shape
7,20 €
Welded rings made of polished stainless steel.
2,70 €
M&W Solid Ring (0)
6,00 €
Heavy-duty stainless solid rings that are virtually "unbreakable", and they offer superior strength as connectors between lines...
8,50 €
This solid ring has no seam joints and is suitable for jigging.
6,75 €
Welded rings VARIVAS hyper tensile and jaw resistant fish
7,95 €
Another great accessory from M&W 
6,75 €
The Mustad Stainless Steel 8 Shape Ring is a dependable lynchpin between leader and hook.
4,20 €
The Mustad Stainless Steel Teardrop Ring is as tough as it will ever get.
4,20 €
This ring is a combination fo the strength-boasted press ring and the forged powerful ring.
5,99 €
The long power swivel is used for Metal assist.
9,50 €

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