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AFTCO Flat Line Clips put lines trolled from the stern of the boat into the water at a lower angle to minimize tangling and...
29,95 €
The OC-1 (except the stainless bail is not gold titanium-nitride coated), and should be attached directly to the cable above...
17,90 €
The AFTCO OR-1 Outrigger Clip helps you position a trolling lure from an out rigger by simply reeling in or let-ting out line...
59,95 €
Heavy duty bench crimper, 6 holes CT-6000
269,99 €
Out Of Stock
Line tangle bottom rescuers
54,99 €
Very usefull and sharp cissors.
4,95 €
Undoubtedly the best scissors fishing in the world !
22,99 €
PE line professional Scissors
12,50 €
Superb small scissors sharp blades with an exceptional sharpness with almost surgical grade stainless steel.
4,99 €
Real scissors for the exotic, forged in chrome-vanadium
17,99 €
Out Of Stock
Special braid scissors
4,99 €
29,00 €
Out Of Stock
Floating knife made of stainless steel, 12.5 cm blade.
9,99 €
Out Of Stock
There is probably no more critical knot to tie than the braid to leader knot.
14,99 €
If you fish for marlin or shark you need this tool.
39,95 €
Out Of Stock
Unhooker Amiaud for saltwater use
19,00 €
With this tool you will make the hook removal easy and safe.
20,99 €
Out Of Stock
Manufacture made in France
189,99 €
100% guaranteed. U.S. patented hook extractor, is built to remove even the most difficult and stubborn hooks from the mouths of...
34,95 €
Out Of Stock

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