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If you fish for marlin or shark you need this tool.
39,95 €
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Unhooker Amiaud for saltwater use
19,00 €
With this tool you will make the hook removal easy and safe.
20,99 €
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Manufacture made in France
189,99 €
100% guaranteed. U.S. patented hook extractor, is built to remove even the most difficult and stubborn hooks from the mouths of...
34,95 €
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More than specially designed pliers, this easy-to-use hook-out device actually extracts the hook from the fish.
53,99 €
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The PIKEPLIERS is specially designed to remove hooks from the bottom of the mouth of big pike and other fish with dangerous teeth.
51,95 €
Straight from the USA where it has existed for many years, PLASTIC FISHGRIP is finally available in the Europe.
23,99 €
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The Plier reference for all fisheries lures sea and fresh water. 
42,99 €
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Hook releasers are perfect for releasing billfish or removing hooks from toothy pelagics.
49,99 €

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