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Gorilla 6V, integrated drag-preset and drag side plate with ergonomic design.  
489,99 €
Small, powerful, elegant and immediately recognizable, this is the synthesis of the new Albacore 12 and 20 Gorilla reels.
489,99 €
Albacore 12 “Gorilla” reel. With its multi drag disc that can be set over 40 lbs, a guaranteed free-spool, and a 4,4:1 ratio.
499,99 €
Veloce 12, integrated Drag pre-set and drag side plate with ergonomic design, single disc brake that can be set up to 25 lbs...
419,99 €
Powerful, light and above all compact, with a new and unmistakable look, designed and studied in all details to make it an...
419,99 €
Small, powerful, elegant and immediately recognizable, this is the synthesis of the new Albacore 20 Gorilla reels.
469,99 €
New Gorilla 20V, integrated drag pre-set and drag side plate with ergonomic design for the utmost comfort during fishing action.
469,99 €
Aird offers a number of high performance technical features at very competitive prices.
89,99 €
To the delight of baitcasting fishermen at sea, the family of Bay Jigging reels grows.
419,99 €
Developed for the US market, the Exceler is a baitcasting reel surprising.
115,00 €
This Laguna baitcaster is highly versatile and full of functions including Magforce and large 90mm handle with soft touch...
69,00 €
The LEXA family of baitcasters is the largest arsenal in Daiwa’s line.
198,00 €
Our popular low profile LEXA 300 & 400 sized reels are now available in Type-HD—for Heavy Duty extreme inshore action.
208,99 €
This Megaforce baitcasting multiplier features the highest retrieve rate around; 7.3:1.
79,00 €
Big bait and cranking specialist
579,99 €
The new Saltiga overhead comes as super compact reel, completely redesigned from its predecessor, the Saltiga Z overhead.
389,00 €
The Saltiga BJ is developed for fisheries in Bay Jigging.
679,00 €
Okuma TESORO star drag reels offer a more precise tolerance for precise gear alignment, maximum flowability and maximum...
389,00 €
For multiplier fans among sea spinning anglers, there is now a saltwater-resistant version of the Smoke.
179,00 €
The Calcutta Conquest is the flagship model of the round profile baitcasting reels in the Shimano Europe range.
469,00 €
Most likely one of the most liked and used round profile baitcasters ever sold in Europe incorporating the latest Shimano...
265,00 €

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