Fisherman PASCAL short 512 series

The blanks material of PASCAL Short is the thickness hybrid structure of carbon and glass.

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PASCAL Short 5120
PASCAL Short 5121
PASCAL Short 5122
PASCAL Short 5123
PASCAL Short 5124
PASCAL Short 5125


This blank became light, having a solid advantage. PASCALshort rod is slow moderate action.

The theme of the Pascal rod are as follows.
Anglers can enjoy fight easily huge fish can be fished. So sensitive a prolonged fight is possible. Fish bite without any incongruity, the probability of hooking becomes high.
You can enjoy smooth jigging without any sense of incongruity. PASCALshort is made of a thickness hybrid glass and carbon blank, and serves slow action. PASCALshort will bring you the further jigging world.

Blanks Color : BK
Length : 5 ft (157 cm)
Packing Length : 104 cm
Nb Piece : 1 & H

Model Power Level Lure weight
Braided line
Target Fish
PASCAL Short 5120 9 1000g 8 Marlin, Tuna, Monster fish
PASCAL Short 5121 8 800g 7 Marlin, Tuna, Amberjack, Kingfish
PASCAL Short 5122 7 600g 6 Tuna, Amberjack, Kingfish
PASCAL Short 5123 6 500g 5 Tuna, Amberjack, Kingfish
PASCAL Short 5124 5 300g 4 Amberjack, YellowTail
PASCAL Short 5125 4 300g 4 Amberjack, YellowTail



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