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In the past, one of the first tools available to work with hollow spectra lines were latch needles that originally came from fabric knitting machines.

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They are still used today, but our Reverse Latch needle is the only tool available that uses the latch mechanism as it was designed to be used - to be pulled through the line, keeping the latch mechanism closed by the line's internal pressure. Without our 'reverse' use of the latch mechanism, the old knitting machine latch needles have to be pushed into the hollow spectra lines causing to latch to open, and usually resulting in significant damage the line's fibers.

Many of the loop creation and splicing techniques require that a line be released by the tool, while it is threaded up another line. Normal loop splicing needles will not work in these situations as they cannot release a line from the loop. In those types of operations, our DaHo Reverse Latch Splicing Needles allow the latch to open, releasing the held line, when needed. Also, since they are now attached to our standard 6" needles, so you can now make longer loops and splices without the limitations of the old latch needles. With our Reverse Latch needle, the latch is always the trailing end of the tool.

RL0355: 0.90mm
RL0420: 1.06mm
RL0500: 1.27mm


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