Black Bart Blue Water Pro Standup Stroker

My Stroker Rods have evolved over a considerable length of time. Today they are work horses with serious backbone capable of turning most any game fish that you’re after.

999,99 €

Availability: ON ORDER

Straight Butt
Short Curve Butt
Terminator Adjustable Butt
50 lb
80 lb


If you are one of these growing big game fishing enthusiasts that loves to fish stand up my short Strokers are the best Standup Rod.

Specifications :
Black Bart Custom Blank
Length : 50 lb : 5'3" (1,60 m)
Length : 80 lb : 5'2" (1,57 m)
Winthrop Ball Bearing Roller Guides
Aftco StoraButt w/Short Straight Butt
Paua Shell Inlays
Finger Cut EVA Foregrip
Custom Rod Hosel
Optional Aftco Curved Butt or Winthrop Adjustable Butt Available.

Weight : 4.00 lbs (1814 gr)


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